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Ferrari Watches: Black-Silver Paddock Chronograph Limited Edition Model

There are just 299 units produced for this model. This watch series pays homage to Italian themes as seen through its design. The collection’s 3 chronographs are presented in elegant wooden boxes that are lacquered in 3 colors- green, red and white. Each watch sold comes with a special item that connotes further personalization and exclusivity. For instance, the 1st Black-Silver Ferrari Paddock Chronograph placed in a green box came with a Ferrari logo-shaped steel titanium paper weight. The handcrafted jewel case has an engraving of the limited edition number. It comes in polished green lacquered wood and is enriched with glossy carbon fiber on the inside. There is also a limited edition plate plus a removable multifunctional casing.

Count this watch model to be the ideal one for the ultimate male achiever, be it in the field of business, sports or the arts. The Ferrari brand epitomizes that strong drive for excellence- for being number one. This is the perfect accessory to formal occasions. The watch is also a fashion statement that one strives for the best and deserves only the best.


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Knockoff Ferrari Watches: Jumbo Watch Model Copie

The set of Ferrari replica watches called the Jumbo watch is the official Maranello model. This is the timepiece that is ideal for everyday use. It has a sporty and casual look that is enhanced by its soft and comfortable rubber strap. The watch model has a simple yet elegant style. It is made only from the very best materials that are at par to the standards of excellence of the Ferrari brand. All these make it a highly durable time-keeper that withstands the test of time.

The Ferrari Jumbo is encapsulated in a titanium case. It boasts of a Swiss-made ETA quartzFerrari Watches copies chrono movement plus a choice of a stop watch or counter buttons that makes it suitable for either day to day sports or leisure oriented use. The Ferrari ensures that accurate timekeeping is observed. The company knows that even 1/10 of a second could make all the difference in the race track. This is why its Jumbo Watch model takes inspiration from the motor racing and Scuderia Ferrari’s events.

The Ferrari Jumbo Watch is presented in a wooden case with that distinctive “soft touch effect painting.” Such intricate eye for detail in both materials and design makes the watch truly a coveted collector’s item.

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