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Throughout the creation process of a luxury brand, everyone tries to come up with a name that is positively associated with high quality and assurance. Usually, the selected brand names quickly turn into household names when they become popular brands on the market. It is the main reason why these names should be carefully chosen. There are also times, when there is no need to come up with a new and unique brand name, as there are people who simply turn their names into a brand name. This is also the case of the Franck Muller design watches.

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Besides the Franck Muller Casablanca, the list of other available models includes the Conquistador and Long Island. As it derived from its name, the Conquistador represents the conquests of unknown and new worlds. Similarly, Franck Muller’s desire was to take his brand to undiscovered places and heights, experimenting with revolutionary designs which maintain the same sophistication and high quality. The Conquistador model has been made available in various different lines, including a sports line and another one that emphasis the take-over of El Dorado.

On the other hand, the Long Island collection has the classic rectangular face and clean lines, being available in various different formats, to suit various tastes. The Long Island collection from Franck Muller has definitely something to offer for you regardless if you are searching for a simple classic, a sophisticated chronograph, a jumping hour, a day & night, a double hour retrograde, an irregular time, a master calendar or a master banker, a tourbillion or a perpetual calendar. Over the years, Franck Muller always pushed the limits in the art if watchmaking, constantly innovating his timepiece models. The popularity of genuine and replica Franck Muller timepieces is the true reward and appreciation for his remarkable efforts.

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There are several Franck Muller collections which all include various different tastes and designs. All collections share one main characteristic, which refers to the legendary Franck Muller complexity and to the guarantee of quality. The Casablanca is one of the most popular Franck Muller collections and was created as a response to the brand’s desire to release a dynamic and more modern timepiece. The Casablanca collection is characterized by classic features and clean lines, multicolor dials and directive numerals, which all make the watch to proudly stand out of the crowd.


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Who is Franck Muller? He is a famous Swiss watchmaker, who showed great interest in various mechanical devices from a rather young age. This interest would accompany him along his entire life. He attended the School of Watch Making in Geneva and worked in this field until he managed to perfect his timepieces, famous for its complex movement and design. In the late 1980s, he joined forces with Vartan Sirmake and they are the ones who come up with today’s brand of Franck Muller. He has managed to earn the nickname of “The Master of Complications” as his watches have always been famous for their extremely finely-tuned details and remarkable complications.