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Rolex is a brand of Swiss wristwatches and accessories renowned for their quality and exclusivity, as well as their cost (from a few thousand to more than one hundred thousand U.S. dollars). The watches have become status symbols of the rich and famous -- as well as the upperwardly mobile career-minded individual. Although a symbol of success, Rolex has earned its strong reputation through innovations in design and function over many decades.

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Available in black/blue faces, automatic movement with perpetual sweep hand, date, rotating bezel, screw down back and crown, all the correct relax markings,green sticker on back. Also avilable is Rolex 2003 Submariner with green bezel.

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With a kinetic movement and perpetual sweep hand, crew down back and crown, all the correct relax markings, green sticker on back date, rotating bezel.

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Canada RolexThe Rolex, SA company was founded in 1905 by Mr. Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Mr. Alfred Davis. Contrary to popular belief, Hans Wilsdorf was neither Swiss, nor a watchmaker. Wilsdorf $ Davis was the original name of what later became the Rolex Watch Company. They originally imported Hermann Aegler's Swiss movements to England and placed them in quality cases made by Dennison and others. These early wristwatches were then sold to jewellers, who then put their own names on the dial. The earliest watches from the firm of Wilsdorf and Davis are usually marked "W$D" -- inside the caseback only.

Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark name "Rolex" in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland during 1908. The word was made up, but its origin is obscure. One story, which was never confirmed by Wilsdorf, is that the word "Rolex" came from theFrench phrase horlogerie exquise, meaning exquisite watch industry.

The company name Rolex was officially registered onNovember 15, 1915. It is thought this change was part of a drive to popularize wristwatches, which at the time were still considered a novelty largely for women (pocket watches were more common). Wilsdorf was said to desire his watch brand's name to be easily pronouncable in any language. The company name was offically changed to the Rolex Watch Company during 1919. It was later changed to Montres Rolex,SA and finally Rolex,SA.

Replica Submariner CanadaAmong the company's innovations are the first self-winding watch; the first waterproof watch case; the first wristwatch with a date on the dial; the first watch to show two timezones at once; and most importantly the first watchmakers to earn the coveted chronometer certification for a wristwatch. To date, Rolex still holds the record for the most certified chronometer movements in the category of wristwatches. Another little known fact is that Rolex participated in the development of the original quartz watch movements. Although Rolex has made very few quartz models for its Oyster line, the company's engineers were instrumental in design and implementation of the technology during the early 1970s.

Among modern Rolex Replica watches are the Air-King, Datejust, GMT Master/GMT II, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Daytona Cosmograph, Rolex Day-Date II, Oyster Perpetual and Yacht-Master. Most Rolex watches have a case design called the Oyster. Dressy designs usually fall under the sister brand called Cellini. The third line in the Rolex empire is the lesser expensive, but high quality, Tudor brand. The primary types of Rolex bracelets include the Jubilee, Oyster and the President.

Like many high-priced, brand-name accessories, Rolex watches are often counterfeited and sold in markets around the world that cater to tourists. These fakes are mainly produced in China and Taiwan -- and retail for $50 to an upwards of $1000 for replicas fabricated with solid gold. In July 2005, in Rome, it was possible to buy a replica Datejust for 40 Euros. By some accounts, over 75% of all fake watches produced annually are copies of Rolex designs. Even the self-winding mechanical design is often replicated using standard, high-quality swiss-made movements (most often those of ETA), resulting in fakes that laymen will find difficult to distinguish from the original: Submariner Gold Steel GMT Master2 Yachtmaster ExplorerII Datejust Rolex Replica Watch.

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The story behind the ROLEX company name

On November 15, 1915, the registration of the company name being Rolex was officially done. This could be to help market wristwatches to women when pocket watches were still widely preferred. It was also thought that Wilsdorf used “Rolex” for easy recall because of its pronounceable nature. It was again changed into Rolex Watch Company during 1919 and two more changes from Montres Rolex, SA to eventually beings Rolex, SA.

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Having a designer watch can say so much about a person, which is why anyone who wants a sign of success and money would love a luxury watch too. Rolex Yacht-Master II is one of the most popular designer watches that you can have. However, a much more affordable replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watch may also get you what you wished for in a faster manner without having to save up for it.

Swiss made movements often used in replicas - History of ETA 2892 movement. On th eother hand Sea-Gull ST 18 is cheaper and perfectly legal replica (Rolex patent expired) Chinese clone of the classic ETA 2892.

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Considering how many imitators have made replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches, you will not have any problem getting one yourself. This is especially true now that many sellers of these Rolex knockoffs can also be found online. This is a better option for people with limited budget who has every dream of owning a designer watch. Your replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watch will look every bit like the real one so this should not be a problem for you.

These replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches can easily pass off as genuine watches. The difference might be the lack of warranty for knockoffs. But you can still trust that they are made of high quality materials. They are still durable and fully functional so you will not only enjoy the prestige that its appearance brings.

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Today, watches are not only needed because of their timekeeping capacity. A single watch can have other uses, just like how Rolex Submariner has some. Even if you are only wearing a replica Rolex Submariner, you can still make an impact for having one that looks exactly like the real watch.

Rolex Submariner was first released in 1953. Upon its introduction to the market, the watch has put people at awe because it stays water resistant and functioning even up to 100 meters or 330 feet. The more modern models have updated features as they can reach up to 1,000 feet deep, a rare feat compared to other watches.


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Rolex Modernizes the Classic Datejust

A Rolex watch is something that a lot of people, especially men, yearn to own. It cannot be denied. Anywhere you go, you see successful men sporting a Rolex. And when people think of Rolex watches, what usually comes to mind is the Rolex Datejust. It’s the typical wear-it-anywhere watch and it’ll match your outfit whether you’re wearing a suit or a pair of jeans.

As Rolex celebrates the 60th anniversary of its original launch, it introduces the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II Rolesor. This brand new model is a revival of the classic design of the Datejust with a 41mm case. You can find it in steel and either yellow gold or white and has a fluted bezel. It’s also waterproof for up to 100 meters. It comes with a COSC-certified movement and has been designed and created in house. It features Paraflex shock absorbers and a Parachrom hairspring. This beautiful watch also comes with an Easylink extension link for the bracelet which makes it very comfortable to wear.

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My daily rotation would not be complete without including Datejust 18k yellow gold plated watch that shines compared to polished stainless steel Datejust.
Others would choose the best Swiss made gold plated Day-Date or a copy with Swiss movement from ETA. Deciding between Daytona with black patent leather and a rose gold dial version knockoff can be hard, but my personal favorite must be the impressive Daytona black dial that comes with a Swiss mechanism.

Daytona and Deepsea Explorer with black dial is never goes out of style, as well as GMT Master II full PVD Pro-Hunter Edition and GMT Master 2 with Swiss mechanism. Lately do to promo in TIMES magazine Milgauss Pro-Hunter with tinted green sapphire black dial and Submariner Comex have made a comeback.

Sales of Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard special edition often surpasses that of black Submariner with Swiss movement or Japanese Submariner. Rolex continues to promote the popular Yacht-Master II. To complete Your purchase I would suggest an original looking Rolex genuine leather watch case for your timepiece.


Rolex started its culture of innovation with a lot of firsts from the self-winding watch, waterproof watch case, date on the wristwatch’s dial, two timezones display, and the chronometer certification for wristwatches. Until now, the company still has the most number of certified chronometer movements for wristwatches. They also contributed to the creation of the original quartz watch movement. It may not be that obvious though because there are only a few quartz model, particularly for the Oyster models, but Rolex engineers were also among the first ones to use quartz movement in the 1970s.