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Looking back, it does seem inevitable that Breitling and Bentley would cross paths. Both are known for their precision in their machinery, the prestige that comes along with ownership of their products, and at a price that only a deserving few can afford. A Breitling watch that carries the Bentley trademark is exactly what “too much of a good thing” is supposed to mean.

And while it seems inevitable, what it really is a master stroke. When Breitling sponsored Bentley in the 2001 to 2003 Le Mans 24 Hours, it was a genius marketing maneuver that only the two brands could pull off, and benefit from each other at the same time. A clock with the precision of Breitling inside Bentley, and the power of a Bentley inside a Breitling—sheer genius.

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The Breitling Bentley Motors Knockoffs

Breitling Bentley Motors Replica

And just to prove the point that it was genius marketing campaign, Breitling continued to sponsor Bentley in the event for two years more, and drive the point home.

The Breitling Bentley Motors Speed

The design of this Breitling exudes confidence. The bronze dial fronting the cold metallic blue sheen of the Breitling is contrasted just enough to hint at sturdy power and precision – the Breitling-Bentley motif. And if this escapes anyone interested in the watch, the price will not. At a whopping USD9,500 plus, these details will be noticed for sure.

The Breitling Bentley Motors 664

The 664, although already discontinued, adds one more element to the Bentley-Breitling juxtaposition. The design of the watch somehow adds intelligence to power and precision, which is as it should be. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where the intelligence comes from – it may well be the multitude of arcs, segments and numbers or the stark contrast from what you need to see from what is behind it. The face is filled with what seems to be information, but the design is clear.

At around USD $9,000, nothing could be clearer. It is a Breitling Bentley Motors watch.

All You Can Leave Behind with a Fake Breitling Bentley Motors

It really is quite understandable why Breitling would price these models at those prices. The watches really are works of art, Swiss made, and with genius marketing behind them. With quality over these three facets, USD9,000 might even be a deal.

But without that part where it is a Swiss made watch, some compromises can be made to reduce the pricing. Find a replica and you have the design, along with the Bentley trademark of the watch, and you have reduced the price to a tenth its retail price. And that is all the compromise you will make – sacrificing the precision of Breitling in its clockwork, and the logo of Bentley on its face.

It may seem like cheating but if the design is all you are after, it might be a tad unreasonable to spend so much for it. Buy several pieces of a Breitling Bentley Motors replica in case the watch does fail in comparison to the quality control of Breitling, and you would still save money.



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