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People want and deserve pretty things. The Rolex Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition is an example of the pretty things that people want to have. To some, owning an expensive watch is not important. A watch tells time and it can tell time even if it is not expensive, but you choose to wear a designer watch like the Rolex Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition because you want to make a statement.

The Pizzazz of Designer Watches
Do you even know how much an authentic designer watch costs? Some timepieces cost as much as a house and a car, but people who can afford them go for it, because it provides them with more than its known function.

  • You can always pass off a replica as the real one, in terms of how it looks, but you cannot get the same quality. An authentic timepiece will have passed rigorous tests before it is allowed to be sold in the market. It involves incomparable craftsmanship that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • The look and feel of an authentic watch can be imitated but not perfected. If you get the chance to wear an authentic Rolex, you will already know it is real by how it weighs on your arm. It gives you an automatic aura and charm. Expensive time pieces define a man for who he is, and if you want people to respect you, then you will not hesitate to look your best.
  • Authentic watches, like the Rolex Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition, will come with warranties that are as long as 2 to 10 years. You cannot enjoy the same with a fake Rolex because even if it is supposed to be high-end, it is still not top quality.

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All About the Rolex Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition Watch

Rolex Sea Dweller Replica Swiss

Jacques Piccard died at the age of 86, so the timepiece that is dedicated to him boasts of an 86 piece run. Just like most designer watches it is made to bring awe and for 12,900 Euros, it will surely make your mouth drop. It has a diamond like carbon (DLC) coating that renders the watch incredibly scratch resistant, and every time a piece is sold a portion of each is will be preserved in the “Jacques Piccard Archive”.

This will not compare to the 265USD knockoff Rolex Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition. Although it may have the seemingly authentic Rolex engraving, its quality is Japanese Miyota the bands are going to be made in stainless steel. In complete standards, it may never pass as an authentic Rolex, but if you look like the person who does not wear fake, then you do not have to worry. What is most important is that you were able to save some money for a piece of watch.


In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, his brother-in-law, started what is now known as the Rolex, SA company. Wilsdorf though was not a watchmaker or a Swiss, characteristics common among founders of watch making companies. They called the company Wilsdorf & Davis but later changed it into the Rolex Watch Company. They started out in England and by merely placing their company name on the imported watch originally created by Swiss company Hermann Aegler. Even the watch case was made by Dennison. It was a norm then to import Swiss movements and for jewelers to simply re-name it as their own. The first officially released watches by Wilsdorf & Davis have “W&D” at the watch’s caseback.

The company was then transferred to Switzerland and Wildorf started using the name Rolex upon registering the name in 1908 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The word “Rolex” and how it came to be was a mystery. Some claimed that it is based on “horlogerie exquise,” a French phrase that means exquisite watch industry.

Buying Designer Watches
To many people, it would mean the world to them to be able to own something as expensive as a designer watch, but it is not always important. It has to be noed that the regular top models are now becoming too popular and it is better to look for the Rolex Special Edition replicas because you can find mid-range and high-end models that are going to be good replacements for the real ones.

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Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition Replica
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Daytona and Deepsea Explorer with black dial is never goes out of style, as well as GMT Master II full PVD Pro-Hunter Edition and GMT Master 2 with Swiss mechanism. Lately do to promo in TIMES magazine Milgauss Pro-Hunter with tinted green sapphire black dial and Submariner Comex have made a comeback.

My daily rotation would not be complete without including Datejust 18k yellow gold plated watch that shines compared to polished stainless steel Datejust.
Others would choose the best Swiss made gold plated Day-Date or a copy with Swiss movement from ETA. Deciding between Daytona with black patent leather and a rose gold dial version knockoff can be hard, but my personal favorite must be the impressive Daytona black dial that comes with a Swiss mechanism.

Sales of Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard special edition often surpasses that of black Submariner with Swiss movement or Japanese Submariner. Rolex continues to promote the popular Yacht-Master II. To complete Your purchase I would suggest an original looking Rolex genuine leather watch case for your timepiece.