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Breitling Replicas Rolex KnockoffWelcome to Euro Watches the #1 Replica Watch Review site. Formerly known as our site has been online since 1997 providing reliable reviews of best designer watch replicas and the stores that sell them online. Many high-priced, brand-name accessories, including Rolex watches and Breitling are often copied and sold on the street and in markets around the world. These replicas are mainly produced in China and Taiwan - and they are priced anywhere from $50 to an upwards of $1000 USD for perfect swiss made replicas manufactured from solid gold. By some accounts, over 75% of all fake watches produced annually are copies of Rolex designs. Even the self-winding automatic mechanical design is often copied using high-quality Swiss-made movements most often those manufactured by ETA (Swatch group company), resulting in fakes that laymen will find difficult to distinguish from the originals. As a result Rolex Replica Watches of comparable quality to the original cost a lot cheaper.

When looking for the best copies of top replica watches available, you can never go wrong in choosing Swiss manufactured replicas as they are the ones that are made from high quality materials and they are also the ones that look extremely similar to their genuine counterparts. These replicas are made from precious and semi-precious materials which make them more durable than Japanese or Chinese manufactured replicas and the mechanisms used for the watches can also be similar to that of genuine luxury watches. The price of Swiss manufactured replicas can start from $1000 or higher depending on how similar it looks like to the original. For more information about Rolex replicas watches, please visit

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Swiss Made Replicas Rolex and Breitling


Swiss Made Rolex Replica
Choosing replica watches over genuine ones might not be a bad idea if you want to save on money while also having a copy of a luxury watch that you are longing for.

Rolex: Seeing Red & Blue

Prior to Baselword, Monochrome, a popular website predicted 5 watches that Rolex will introduce during the said event. They posted their predictions 2 weeks before Baselworld and guess what, Monochrome was 60% correct. Take a look at their hits and misses below:

Pepsi Rolex GMT Master II

According to the website, the “Pepsi” GMT Master is something that every Rolex fan is wishing for and last year, the company introduced the GMT Master II in blue/black combination which was thus coined the Batman GMT. The writers said they were hoping for a Pepsi GMT and they aren’t expecting any aesthetic or technical changes aside from the Cerachrom bezel in red and blue.

And it did materialize. The new GMT-Master II replica has a bezel in red and blue Cerachrom insert made in a single piece, something that’s never been seen before. It has a white gold case measuring 40mm and it has a price tag of the origian is $38,250.

Chopard Replica
Alain Silberstein
A.Lange & Sohne
Baume & Mercier
Eberhard & Co
Bvlgari Knockoff
IWC, Locman
Montblanc Panerai
Vacheron Constantin
Jaeger leCoultre
Jacob&Co Cartier
Chopard Corum
Franck Muller

Submariner Swiss

Rolex Submariner Replicas

Available in black/blue faces,automatic movement with perpetual sweep hand, date, rotating bezel, screw down back and crown,all the correct relax markings, green sticker on back. Swatcossl.

Rolex GMT Master 2 Replica

Available only in black face with either black, red/black, red/blue rotating bezels, automatic movement with perpetual sweep hand,date,screw down back and crown,all the correct relax markings,green sticker on back,please note the 3rd hand does go around but cannot be set independently on this particular model.

Rolex Replica Canada Free Shipping

Top Luxury Replica Watches - top 2011 Rolex.
Breitling Super Avenger for sale in CA.
Finest counterfeit Rolex, Frank Muller and Omega watch replicas. Breitling replica with next day UK delivery. For USA and Canada allow 3 days for Delivery. 100% Original inspired Cartier sunglasses eyewear Cartier sunglasses & watch Audemars Piguet 423. .

Breitling Aeromarine, Avenger
Bentley GT Racing Chronograph

Swiss watchmakers are known for their top quality watches. Breitling is a one of these watchmakers which guarantees making watches in Switzerland alone. The company was established in Bernese Jura. Their watches are all the more proven reliable because of their certification from the Swiss Control Officiel Suisse de Chronometres (COSC). They are also developed for those who are working in the aviation business or those who have anything to do with aviation.

There are jewelry watches from Breitling Replica, such as the model called Bentley GT Chronograph, which is expensive due to its pricey materials. The design and materials used can set the price of the watch. The GT Chronograph model is still expensive even if it is not a jewelry watch due to the exclusivity of the item.

Dolce & Gabbana Watches - D&G Time
IWC Rolex Daytona and Gucci watch sale. Panerai watch with finest Swiss designer motors and replica authentic inspired replica watches from Gucci. Knock-off watches Breitling Bentley Vacheron, Constantin swiss motors in all our quality replica Rolex GMT, Cartier 534 Destiny Deville.

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An investment in status and recognition.

Top brands and models for you to choose from.

Rolex Daytona with Red Daytona Lettering and Panda Dial

The article published on Monochrome went on to say that Cerachrom bezels are the newest trend for Rolex and they possess excellent qualities including being scratch resistant as well as being able to prevent fading. Having said this, Monochrome wanted a revival of the Daytona 6263 one of the coolest Rolex watches ever made. They predict that the Daytona will have a Panda dial and a red text that read DAYTONA, with a black bezel and screwed pushers. They also predict that it would still be a platinum case but with a black ceramic bezel.

Unfortunately Rolex didn’t launch a Daytona with the details that Monochrome predicted. Although they introduced a new Daytona, it has a platinum case, pave diamond dial, bezel set with 36 diamonds and baby blue subdials.

Sky-Dweller in Steel

Monochrome wanted that Rolex would make a SkyDweller made of steel. This timepiece is the most complicated of the entire Rolex watches ever made. Rolex has the tendency to first introduce a new watch collection in gold and then a year or two later, they would make a stainless steel version. But it didn’t happen this time with the Sky-Dweller. It was a long shot, Monochrome knew this. Rolex did launch new versions of this watch but it was still in gold though it did have a different strap and dial.

Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen in the next Baselworld event. Who knows? Maybe the other two predictions might come true this time around.

The Explorer

Rolex developed it solely for explorers. This is designed to keep the time accurate wherever you are and whatever the weather or environment is. The Rolex Explorer’s excellent chronometer is already approved by the organization called Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC). Any watch that wants the COSC approval has to be tested for is precision needs to go through 15 days of pure tests in different temperatures and positions. It should also exhibit extreme precision to get the approval. All these things are achieved by the Explorer.

If you are going to buy a fake Rolex Explorer, you know that you have found the right replica if it has even copied the peace sign on the hour hand from the original. The second hand looks thin but with a rounded accent at the tip. For the Explorer II, this accent is in the shape of a triangle. Both Explorers I and II also have safety clasps. The second Explorer has a 24-hour face and a Cyclops eye on the date aperture.

The Milgauss

This model was released in 1956. It was designed for scientists who sometimes visit places with different forces in magnetic fields. The watch should be good enough to withstand 1,000 gauss. The European Council for Nuclear Research has approved of the Milgauss’ ability to do so. It has an orange second hand with shaped in a lightning bolt. These are the important features to look for in replicas.

The Datejust

This is the Rolex model that has a date aperture with a Cyclops eye lens over it. It is also recognized for its fluted bezel, which you should also find in knockoffs. The Rolex Datejust is easily recognizable from its date aperture with a distinctive magnifying Cyclops eye, and also from the fluted bezel. This model has varying bracelets and dial colors and materials. From yellow Gold to black leather.

Guide to Buying Tag Heuer Formula 1, Aquaracer, Monaco

Telling time is not the only thing that designer watches do. This is not the only reason why people want to buy Tag Heuer Formula 1, Aquaracer, Monaco timepieces. Usually, they want to buy these expensive watches to look good. The style, functionality and elegance of these designer watches make it possible to do this. The watch is more than what it looks like because it is already a fashion statement. For some people, it is used as an extension of their personality. You can already tell something about a person based on the watch that they are wearing. The good thing about these designer watches is that they are still comfortable to wear despite their luxurious features. The Formula 1, Aquaracer, Monaco watches are suitable for people who are always on the go. This is something that every watch should have now due to the fast paced lifestyle of many people.

Tips on Caring for Watches

Just like your home and flashy car, you need to ensure the safety and protection of your Tag Heuer watch. This is something that owners of designer watches should do. These timepieces cost thousands of dollars, which should prompt you to be extra careful with them. Proper care for you watch will likely help extend its lifetime. The following tips may help you:

  • Most designer watches are already designed to be water resistant. However, make sure to read just how protected the watch is underwater. This is why you need to spend more time reading the water resistance specifications of the watch. There are also other instructions about the watch that you should follow. For instance, you will know what makes the watch malfunction or go rusty. There are instances when a watch’s exposure to water may cause it to malfunction and die on you.
  • Read the manual. The company spent on these manuals that the least that you can do is read your copy. This will tell you more about how to take care of your expensive Tag Heuer Formula 1, Aquaracer, Monaco watches.
  • Do not expose your watch to chemicals that may discolor or scratch it. This will result to ugly and prematurely aged watches.
  • Some watches have to be protected from extremely hot and cold weather.

Why Buy Knockoff Tag Heuer Formula 1, Monaco or Aquaracer watches

You can easily find authentic Tag Heuer watches, but you cannot buy them right away if you don’t have the money to do so. Fortunately for you, there are watchmakers who have seen the market composed of customers like you. They decided to make fake Tag Heuer watches to give you a chance to still wear one without its expensive price tag. You don’t even need to worry about committing some mistakes while trying to care for your designer watch.

Replica Tag Heuer watches are difficult to differentiate from the original. This is one of the biggest benefits of buying knockoff Tag Heuer. They are also available from reliable manufacturers who can give you watch that functions well. You can still tell the time and look ever stylish. Its price is the sweetest gift that you can ask for from a replica designer watch.

Ferrari Watches

Replica Ferrari Timepieces

Officine Panerai Ferrari Chronograph DLC
Officine Panerai presented to the market another pretty face of a branded watch. The collection of Ferrari-branded chronograph watches is still growing as of today. This is when you need to welcome the new Panerai Ferrari Chronographic DLC, which is released at a limited edition with a special DLC coating covering its 45mm case. The new watch looks outstanding with its new deep-black color but it also serves to protect the watch from the scratches and bumps while using it. It also has a natural black rubber strap embossed with a Ferrari logo.

Replica Rolex & Breitling Watches Canada - Top LUXURY Watches
The watch is almost introduced to the Officine Panerai Ferrari California Flyback Chronograph. These watches share almost similar features except for the color scheme used on the Panerai Ferrari Chronograph DLC’s face with its black dial yet with red Arabic numerals and subdials. It also has a much bigger Ferrari logo right on the spot on the 12 o’clock spot. The six o’clock spot features a Formula 1 car’s silhouette.
It has 28,800 vibrations per hour due to the beating of Valjoux 7753-based COCS-certified Panerai OP XII Calibre. It also features a standard Incabloc antishock device. The watch’s movement is also detailed with Cotes de Genève decoration with the brand’s trademark Prancing Horse right on the winding motor.
OP does not reveal the price ideal for selling this chronograph watch, but is expected to be available to the market at around $15,000.

This particular timepiece was launched in 1956, designed for scientists who work in places with varying magnetic fields. The European Council for Nuclear Research confirmed that the Milgauss is able to withstand up to 1,000 gauss. Come to Euro Watches for « Best Swiss Made Replicas®.

Among the things to pay attention to in a Rolex GMT Master II replica is the green seconds hand and its accent shaped like a triangular. It has black Cerachrom disc and four hands.

Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Carbon Replica LE »

Replica Watches in Canada
Replica Breitling inspired Watches

Back: Stainless steel push in back with Ferrari logo and engravings
Gender: Men
Crown: Rose gold main crown with Ferrari logo and two smaller crowns on either side of it
Movement: Japanese Miyota
Band Color: Silver
Bracelet Length: 200 x 21 mm
Bezel: Ion plated and rose gold bezel with tachymeter
Band Type: Leather
Case: Ion plated stainless steel
Bracelet: Ion plated stainless steel with fold over clasp with Ferrari logo
Diameter: 45 x 45 mm
Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Cartier Watches

You can be sure that it is a top brand when it’s the one kings and queens use. Cartier is a name that has been synonymous with a luxury and an elegance that’s fit for royalty. As one of the leading names in jewelry manufacturing, it has emerged from its humble beginnings to an internationally renowned manufacturer of anything that glitters. Getting a Cartier Roadster watch knock-off is the best option for those who want a touch of the sophistication and grace that the name gives but without having to spend all of your disposable income on it.

Highest grade Swiss-made Rolex replica watches.

Breitling Navitimer Super Constellation Limited Edition

The automatic watch called Breitling Navitimer Super Constellation is released at a limited edition with only 1049 pieces by its Swiss matchmaker. It was launched to help support a local foundation that maintains the legendary plane of N73544 Lokheed C-121C Super Constellation. The airplane can be found in Basel, Switzerland and is widely famous with its unique B found in its signature tripletail.
The plane is known around the world as it grabbed the title of being the “World’s Finest Trimotor.” However, it has had a few troubles in the past with its use of the four 18-cyliner radial Wright R-3350 engines. These engines have already caused several engine failures in the past, which caused the loss of things and human lives.

The military version of C-69 has made the plane among the best transport planes during its flight in the World War II. The C-121 is also acknowledged as among the fastest passenger planes that were used effectively during the first post-war decade.
The C-121C plane was first used by the US Air Force, but was eventually kept in the Smithsonian Institute. It was repaired and maintained now to its flying condition, with the Constellation Historical Society (CHS) heading its restoration.
The plane is now owned by the Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA), a Swiss-based organization that bought the plane in December 2003. However, it was only brought to Switzerland in 2004.

breitling navitimer replica swiss

The plane restoration and maintenance project costs a million US dollars but this is already shouldered by Breitling, which is famous for its love of planes and almost anything made of metal that can be sent to the sky flying. The plane is already about 60 years old, which is why it needs constant restoration. Breitling is more than willing to support this good cause with the aid of the Breitling Navitimer Super Constellation limited edition watch.

Its release is comparable to the release of the Oris Swiss Hunter Team Patrouille-Suisse Edition, which was used to support the restoration and maintenance needed by another plane. Every dollar earned from the watch that is sold is given to the cause of an old plane.

It is supported by the Calibre 23 self-winding movement, just like what is used in the newly released Breitling Chronospace Chronograph Automatic. The movement of the watch is comparable to the ETA Valjoux 7753 ebauche, which is why there are already expensive parts involved in the process. The pricey watch is also of high quality and certified as a numbered chronometer by the Controle Officel Suisse des Chronometers (COSC). This is a Swiss-based institution that makes sure that watch movements comply with the high standards of ISO 3159.

Breitling makes millions of watches every year, but it only submits about a million of watches every year for testing. This is like one out of every thirty watches that are produced by Swiss-based watchmakers. Of all these brands, Rolex accounts for the greatest share in the production of watches. Its record is followed by Omega and Breitling.

Many Swiss-based brands allow a big portion of the watches that they manufacture to be tested. However, Breitling is proud to say that every pair of movement that is used in each piece of watch that they make is an officially certified chronometer. This is already something that sets Breitling apart from the other manufacturers. Breitling Navitimer Super Constellation at its limited edition looks just like any Navitimer ever produced, but it differs a little with its new narrator color scheme.

Instead of just sporting a plain black dial, its subdials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock are all colored in white.
There are other notable color schemes in the said watch too. The sub-dials for the subsidiary seconds, calendar wheel and the chronograph totalizers are all colored blue. This is a bit similar to the white-and-blue color scheme of another plane sponsored by Breitling, the N73544 Connie.

Another inspiration from the plane is the used in the watch is the “Super Constellation” lettering with its yellow and red colors with a blue line underlining it. The letter can be seen at 12 o’clock. This is inspired by the letters that are splashed on the plane’s fuselage. The watch has unfortunately not been made by its manufacturer’s newly issued Caliber B-01 automatic movement. This feature only makes the watch even pricier but it is worth it especially with a much higher collector’s value.

This watch can cater mostly to people who love aviation so much, though it is quite an expensive catch. However, you can surely enjoy the watch’s functions in itself.

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Rolex Yachtmaster Replica - Everose Gold with Oysterflex Bracelet. History of the Swiss Rolex Yacht-Master clones.

Replica Watches UK - The GMT Master II
The price you see is all you have to pay for fake watches free UK delivery or for that mater free shipping to Europe, USA, UAE and the rest of the world is included. Delivery to France, Italy, Brasil, Emirates even Australia - No country is excluded! An excellent fake Rolex GMT Master II would have a green second hand with a triangular accent at the tip. The original also has a black Cerachrom disc. When looking at replicas, make sure that they all have four hands. The GMT Master II has both the 24-hour hand and 12-hour hand. Moreover, it has two time zones. Just imagine how all these features are all crammed up in a single watch.

Most popular top selling Rolex watches are the Daytona Cosmograph, Submariner, new Sea-Dweller, Day-Date, Datejust, GMT Master and GMT II, Air-King, Oyster Perpetual and Yacht-Master. Most of the modern Rolex watches have design called the Oyster case. A sister brand owned by Rolex that makes more dressy designs is called Cellini. The third product line with lesser expensive but still impressive high quality, Tudor brand. The primary types of Rolex bracelets include the Jubilee, Oyster and the President.

High Quality Replica

These are the best AAA / highest quality Swiss made Rolex Replicas on the market. This is the type of replica that you should be looking for. They are not made in Switzerland but the movement for thse watcehes does come from Swiss manufaturer usualy ETA. These are the same movements most big brands use bought in bulk at wholesale price. As a result these are the most expensive types of replicas because of the quality materials and craftsmanship used to produce the watch. Expect to pay $500 for these watches.

In the high quality replicas, there is special attention to all details of the watch. Manufacturers also use real gold for the bracelet and cases. A jeweler will even have a hard time noticing if what you’re wearing is a fake or genuine Rolex. Consequently, the better the watch and more popular the model is, the more you will pay for it.

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Rolex Replicas

Explorer, GMT Master II, Milgauss Pro-Hunter, Perpetual & Datejust

Rolex is well known around the world their fine timepieces. They have been manufacturing remarkable and innovative watches since the 1900s. At present, Rolex is recognized for creating and making elegant and functional wristwatches. The list of great collections includes the GMT Master II, Rolex Explorer, Perpetual, Milgauss Pro-Hunter and Datejust. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to have such a wristwatch, as all these Rolex watches have their replicas. Being familiar with each and every feature of the collections will be helpful in your quest for high quality replicas for a fraction of the cost of an authentic one.

Rolex Explorer
This model is a highly precise one which has been tested for 15 days in various different positions and temperatures.

When looking for Rolex Explorer replicas pay attention to the hands. The hour hand includes the peace sign, while the second hand is thin and has a round accent at the end in the case of the 39mm Explorer. In the Rolex Explorer II the second hand has a triangular accent. All hands include safety clasp. Additionally, the Rolex Explorer II has imprinted 24 hour with date aperture along with magnifying lens. I especially like the all black EuroWatches Rolex Replica Submariner with swiss made mechanism. It is not as flashy as gold or silver colored watches, but it sure looks classic and futuristic at the same time.

The Milgauss model can be recognized from the orange second’s hand in the form of a lightning bolt. It is one of the main things to look for when shopping for a Rolex Milgauss replica.

Rolex GMT Master II is famous for its two-hour hands: 24 hour hand and 12 hour hand. This timepiece is specially designed to read time in two separate zones.

Standard of Quality

Rolex has set up the standards for wristwatches, as all Rolex watches offer functionality and elegance. Just take a simple loom at the scientist’s or explorer’s watches, and at the watch that shows the time in two separate zones. Rolex also allow its users to easily see the date. In order to get a top notch Rolex Explorer, Milgauss, GMT Master II, Perpetual, Pro-Hunter and Datejust, just make sure to pay attention to the face, hands, dials and bezels.