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Rolex Yachtmaster (Ref. 116655) Everose Gold with Oysterflex Bracelet Replica

Rolex recently created 3 amazing watches for their 2015 collection – the dew Day-Date 40mm collection, the 39mm Oyster Perpetual watches and the Rolex Yachtmaster ref 11655 Everose Gold with an all-New Oysterflex Bracelet

I once owned an older Rolex Yachmaster but I traded it for another Rolex watch sometime ago because many of my fellow Rolex fans weren't all too impressed with the model ref 16622. It was made of stainless steel and platinum, and the case was very round. It had a very glitzy dial because of the platinum grain and I thought the bezel was not too sturdy. I also didn't like the bezel's center link – it was too shiny and well, blingy.

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But in Rolex's defense, the Yachtmaster was never designed to be a tool watch although the Yachtmaster II was entirely different. One could argue that the watch shouldn't be worn by a sailor at all because it puts your hand at risk when the watch gets stuck in the ropes.
I did like my Yachtmaster even though I exchanged it for another one. And I think the latest version ref 116655 which has an 18 carat Everose gold is also pretty nice. But remember, it's not designed to be a tool watch although it does have a nautical theme.


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Perhaps the key difference with the new Yachtmaster ref 116655 compared to other Yachtmaster watches is that it uses an 18k Everose gold for its case. It also has Cerachrom insert for its gold bezel. It took awhile to get used to the black dial because it kind of adds some mystery to the watch. The older Yachtmasters had blue and platinum dials but the new one ref 116655 uses new materials and colors. In a way, it looks very much like a Yachtmaster except that it has some gold, rubber and black elements to it.

Some of the similarities include the raised numerals which are on the Cerachrom insert. While I was certain that with the old models from the Yachtmaster collection, particularly the one that I had – ref 116622 – were easily scratched, I don't think it's going to happen with this new model since it already has the Cerachrom insert.

The gold printing which you can see on the black dial is also quite cool as it really compliments the material of the bezel, case and folding clasp.
I had the chance to try on the Rolex Yachtmaster ref 116655 and Rolex Yachtmaster replica. I inspected its design and materials, especially the Everose gold and the dial and bezel's use of black elements. And of course, the Oysterflex bracelet which is the latest Rolex strap.

I can honestly say that the Oysterflex is a great choice instead of the metal bracelets that were used before. When I wore the Yachtmaster ref 116655 it really felt nice in the wrist and the Oysterflex bracelet was very comfy. Rolex said that this black strap is very robust, durable and resistant to saltwater. Underneath the strap is the patented cushion system which is responsible for the comfort that this bracelet offers. The cushion makes the watch quite stable when you wear it and it's as if the watch doesn't even touch your skin. This bracelet comes with an 18 carat gold (Everose) folding clasp that is connected to it using a metal blade made of nickel and titanium alloy. This attachment is also what attaches the strap to the watch.

I think I can get used to the Yachtmaster ref 116655 in Everose. It's certainly very nice to look at and very comfortable to wear. It's especially valuable because it's quite versatile for a gold timepiece. The nice thing about this Rolex watch is that you can wear it for formal events as well as when you're vacationing in France.
It comes in 37mm and 40mm sizes. I think the smaller one will be mostly bought by women although it's not really marketed for the ladies. This version has a reference 268655. Aside from the size, another notable difference between the two is the movement. With the 40mm Rolex Yachtmaster ref 116655, it utilizes Caliber 3135 while the 268655 uses Caliber 2236.

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Movement is hidden underneath a solid case which is made of 18 carat Everose gold.
This watch can be purchased for $23,400 (CHF 23,800). You can get more information about this watch on the official Rolex Yachtmaster page.

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