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The design adapted by Porsche has indeed developed and the chronographs being produced for the past thirty years are truly exceptional. Aside from this, the name has continued to go above the standards. At this day and age, it has not simply tried to reinvent or merely entrust the innovation to the technology. What is was able to do was a successful continuance of making watches without leaving the idea or art behind and complementing it with innovative functions together with unique materials and very exquisite design.

Some of ideas that would easily come to mind would be the brand being a pioneer, a visionary and definitely timeless. Indeed, there have not been too many designers who were able to claim that they have created a classic. But looking at the works of Porsche like the very first black chronograph, Porsche 911, shows how distinct and exceptional it is. As for the signature designs of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche are described to be very functional, rigorous, but also well-engineered. The design has opted to choose the year 2013 to pay homage to its well-celebrated designer.  

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It is interesting to know that every Indicator model has been made manually by a watchmaker and would take about 35 days in the making. The result of such is chronograph that is equipped with a stopwatch display that is mechanical and digital at the same time. This has been made possible by a very complex production movement that is known in different parts of the world. 

If you try to check out the different timepieces, you will see how the designers have entered unknown territory, were able to come up with the unusual and has never allowed boundaries to hinder them from coming up with timeless chronographs. These people were able to take the art of making watches to an even higher level. Each day, a new chronometer is built and it is in this way that the creators are able to produce watches that truly defy the standards.

The timepieces are very functional and the aesthetic accents are noticeably made of unique material finishing and a very purist shape. What makes these even more enticing is that most designs are based on the design of the dashboard of Porsche’s sports car.

The latest models of Porsche Design have focused on what is essential. It is composed of a Boxer engine that has six cylinders that has played a major role in establishing the reputation of the brand.

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Porsche Watches: P’6530 Titanium Chronograph Fake

In 2010, Porsche Design decided on re-launching the Titanium Chronograph watch model to mark the company’s 30th anniversary. It celebrated its anniversary with a bang by re-introducing a timepiece that embodies the Porsche Design values of functionality, precision and design. This timepiece is simply timeless. Porsche decided to produce just 911 watches for this limited and numbered edition model.
The technical specifications of the P’6530 Titanium Chronograph Model suits the lifestyle either of a top level executive or a top ranking sports star. Its sapphire crystal bearing, titanium bracelet, and precision certificate is a good match to the power suit and the aura of efficiency and professionalism in the business corridors of power. Its scratch and water resistance suits as well the lifestyle of the on the go sportsman who has to weather the elements of nature at most times.

Porsche Watches: P’6930 Chronograph Copie
The P’6930 Chronograph Model can be described as a sporty and masculine watch. This model uses the Chronograph from the Porsche Design Indicator Series. This enables the watch to provide a very dynamic and extremely precise (down to 1/10 of second) note. The watch model is a good second watch for the male achiever that wishes to switch to recreational mode in order to distress from the problems of working life.

The P´6910 Indicator Model is backed by the dependable Eterna caliber 6036 movement. It is characterized by an automatic two-sided winding system. Its movement contains 4 barrels plus a forty six hour power reserve. .”
It takes 40 days to make a P´6910 Indicator. It is handcrafted exquisitely by just a single watchmaker. This model is the only automatic chronograph in the world that boasts of a purely mechanical-digital stopwatch display. All these are made possible only by the Eterna caliber 6036 technology that has an energy-optimized Porsche Design rotor system.
This watch model, considered as one of the world’s most complexly manufactured watches would suit just fine the wrists of some of the greatest minds of our time. Its complexity matches the complex thought process of renowned scientists, educators and politicians.

Porsche Watches: P´6920 Rattrapante Limited Edition Model

The ETA Valjoux 7750 precision movement with AR2 Rattrapante module and COSC certification powers the P´6920 Rattrapante Limited Edition Model. Its chromometer has a double-sided and automatic winding system that has been developed by Eterna previously for the Porsche Indicator model. It also bears an energy-optimized Porsche Design rotor and a forty eight hour power reserve.
P´6920 Rattrapante Limited Edition Model patterned its design after the P´6910 Indicator Model. Production of this model is limited to 200 pieces only. This watch model is clearly for people who want to establish their uniqueness- those who dare to be different. It suits the aura of the greatest artists of our time. He could be the established painter, the multi-awarded actor or the famous designer.

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