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Hublot Watches opted to pioneer its ways when Carlo Crocco designed the Gold Hublot Watch in 1980 that was strapped with the 1st ever natural black rubber bracelet for watches. This style has since been an inspiration for many other famous watch designs all over the world.

The creator of Hublot replica watches, Carlo Crocco developed a keen sense of aesthetics as a child while growing up in an Italian household of watchmakers. He designed his 1st watch in 1967 and started his own company named MDM Geneva in 1980. His goal was to produce a watch that transcends fashion. He envisions an elegant yet sporty design that would make it a sought after timepiece all over the world.

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Hublot Ladies Replica Big Bang KingCrocco’s trademarks were pure lines and finely chosen material that made up an elegant yet sporty design suited for any type of occasion. He refused to follow conventional fashion. He was guided by the principle of beauty in simplicity. The typical look of replica Hublot watches was modeled after a ship’s porthole. There are 12 extremely tiny titanium screws that secure the lunette to the casing. This marks the hours and meets the need for both form and function. During the mid 90s the rest of the watchmaking world followed suit and showed an interest in the use of rubber for watches. This validates the visionary choice of Crocco then to use the material for his watch design. This also catapulted Hublot watches to the status of great classics in watch making history.

The success of merging natural rubber to the Hublot watch design copie however did not come overnight. It took 3 years of research to produce that unique rubber bracelet and expose the exceptional characteristics of natural rubber as watch bracelet material.

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The material simply adapts to the shape of the wrist and fits perfectly to give the client that feeling of lightness and comfort. In fact, this technology is so successful that every Hublot watch continues to use it while the company continues to see it as still the best possible choice for the watch bracelet of the future.

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Hublot’s other trademark of an exquisitely shaped porthole case combined with the brushed, polished metal and black dial prove to be a perfect partner to the brand’s natural black rubber bracelet. This enticing design combination has captured the interest of both royalties and celebrities worldwide. It has gained status for Hublot replica watches as at par with some of the most prestigious watch brands of the world.


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From Hublot I like the Big Bang King black strap black face watch as well as Gold face version. King Power Tourbillon Black is also one of my all time favorites and comes highly suggested.