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First let us take a look at OMEGA's economic development over the years and the lives of those outstanding personalities - from Louis Brandt to Nicolas Hayek - who have forged the brand's destiny. From its modest beginnings in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848, the assembly workshop created by 23-year-old Louis Brandt gradually gained renown. Throughout the long winter months - by the light of his workbench window - Louis Brandt assembled key-wound precision pocket watches from parts supplied by local craftsmen. When the snows had melted, he travelled throughout Europe selling his watches from Italy to Scandinavia by way of England, his chief market. After Louis Brandt's death in 1879, his two sons Louis-Paul and Cesar , troubled by irregular deliveries of questionable quality, abandoned the unsatisfactory assembly workshop system in favour of in-house manufacturing and total production control.

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Due to the greater supply of manpower, communications and energy in Bienne, the enterprise moved into the 2nd floor of this small factory in January 1880 then bought the entire building in December. Two years later the company moved into a converted spinning-factory in the Gurzelen district of Bienne, where headquarters are still situated today. Their first series-produced calibres, Labrador and Gurzelen, as well as, the famous OMEGA calibre of 1894, would ensure the brand's marketing success. ladies omega replica planet oceanThe best part of the Omega is that there is something in their collection for everyone.All of the designs are unique and their collection is suited well for any number of personality types. We offer you Omega replica watches that are out of this world. iwc replica reloj. Have a look at this stunning inventory!

Men's and women's progressive, modern, classic and Art-Deco styles are all a part of the Omega look. These highly sought after watches are all that epitomize the urban fashions of New York , Ibiza, Los Angeles , Tokyo and Milan . Available replica watches like Reloj Planet Ocean Deville replicas.

Omega Deville

The Omega Deville watch has the standard features of Omega watches. You can choose from co-axial, automatic, hour vision, big date, four counters, quartz, and small seconds. It has the dials that measure 38.7 mm and 41.7 mm. Its strap is made from leather or stainless steel. The case backs are transparent. The Omega Deville models are available in black, silver and gold so make sure that the replica Omega watch would be the exact same color.

Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is one of the expensive in the collection. It is made for astronauts. In fact, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were wearing an Omega Speedmaster when they went to the moon. However, it doesn’t mean that only astronauts can buy the Omega Speedmaster because it looks good and can be worn to office and various events.

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Shopping seasons bestseller are Omega Constellation, Deville, Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-axial with black Case and black dial, Seamaster Planet Ocean co-axial chronograph with a black case and matching black dial, regular classic Speedmaster and the Omega Watch Case tend to be popular for gifts.


Replica Omega Watches: Would You Wear a Fake Deville or Speedmaster?

Omega is one of the most renowned brands of luxurious watches in the world. The Omega watches are fancy and expensive. One normally costs $6000 to $7000. It is definitely too much for a person who earns averagely. There is no wonder why many individuals who like the style of Omega watches prefer the knockoffs. They look the same but they cost a lot cheaper. A fake Omega watch’s price would range from $100 to $700. Below are some of the best models if you are planning to buy replica Omega watches.