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When luxury brands are created, the makers very often choose a name that brings to mind positive images of quality and assurance. These brand names fast become household names as they increase in popularity over the growing market, which is why the makers ensure that they’re well thought of. Occasionally, the makers don’t have to think of a brand name, because they decide to make their names the name of the brand. This is exactly what happened with the Franck Muller luxury watches.

The Casablanca
Franck Muller features many collections that each embodies different designs and tastes. A common thread that runs across all collections is the assurance of quality and sophistication that all Franck Muller watches are known for. One of these very popular collections is known as The Casablanca. The Franck Muller Casablanca is a collection that was born out of the brand’s desire to be more contemporary and dynamic. Clean lines and classic features describe the collection, with its directive numerals and multi-colored dials adding just a little something out of the ordinary.

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Who is Franck Muller? Franck Muller is a noted Swiss matchmaker who was born on July 11, 1958. From a very young age he already showed interest in mechanical devices, one that he will carry through to the rest of his life. He studied at the Geneva School of Watch Making and practiced in the field until he perfected his pieces, which are all known to have a complicated design and movement. Towards the end of the 1980s he met Vartan Sirmakes and together they created the Franck Muller brand as we know it today. Franck Muller watches have always been known for their exceptional complications and finely-tuned details, which has earned Franck Muller the catchphrase “The Master of Complications.”

Aside from the Franck Muller Casablanca, there’s also the Conquistador replica and fake Long Island watch models to choose from. The Conquistador, true to its name, was inspired by conquests of new and unchartered worlds. In the same way, Franck Muller wanted to push its brand to newer heights by going to places it never has gone before – trying out designs that are revolutionary and new but still staying true to its promise of quality and sophistication. There are several Conquistador lines available aside from the original one. Franck Muller came out with a Conquistador sports line to cater to the sporty ones and another one that highlights the conquest to El Dorado, the land of gold.

The Long Island collection, on the other hand, again feature clean lines and a classic rectangular face. The Long Island collection comes in various formats, so it can cater to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a complicated chronograph, a simple classic, a double hour retrograde, a day & night, an irregular time, a jumping hour, a master banker, a master calendar, a perpetual calendar, or a tourbillion, Franck Muller’s Long Island collection will have something for you. Franck Muller has pushed itself to the limit and innovated itself over the years, and looking at the popularity of both the genuine and replica Franck Muller watches, then these efforts have clearly paid off.

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