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Quality is a very important aspect that users look for in purchasing watches. A watch is so much more than a device that tells the person exactly what time it is, and for this reason quality should be of top priority. To ensure that watches are of top quality, one only has to look at who made these watches. A lot of things can be concluded simply by looking at the watch manufacturer’s name, which is why some people are very brand-sensitive. Being brand-sensitive does not only refer to being so conscious about the brand per se. Most of the time, quality is what brand-sensitive people are after. In the quality game, Zenith watches are truly ahead of the pack.


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The Makers of Zenith
Zenith watches have over a century and a half of experience to back it up, because it’s been exactly that long since Georges Favre-Jacot discovered it in 1865. When the founder first established Zenith, he did so because he noticed that at that time, all the artisans and experts needed to create a high-quality watch were scattered and not gathered under one roof. He recognized the importance of collaboration and the working together of the best minds in the industry, and by providing one building where all these great minds can meet in some sort of watch-making workshop, he was able to revolutionize the way quality watches were produced. By doing so he was able to produce the best and most precise watches in the country, and with a high-quality product like that you can never really go wrong. Since then it has won over 2,333 chronometry awards, pioneered 500 movement variations in watches, and created 297 brand new patents. Zenith has truly reached the pinnacle of success as it is now celebrated across many countries as a real gold standard when it comes to watches.

Zenith Premier Swiss Quality

Zenith watches are most known for the quality and precision brought about by a collaboration of the best minds in the industry. More importantly, Zenith is known to create its own mechanical movements, and the El Primero mechanical movement is just one of them. The El Primero is a chronograph with superior quality – so superior in fact that it can do 36,000 alternations in an hour, which is a lot higher than the normal chronograph frequency.

Replicating Zenith Quality

Because El Primero watches contain chronographs they’re supposed to look a lot more complicated and precise than normal watches do. Each watch in this collection represents about 9 months of hard work, 20 watchmakers, and over 5,500 operations. That accuracy precision is considered by those who are making a Zenith El Primero Replica Watch.

A Zenith El Primero Replica Watch aims to showcase the same quality and precision that the original pieces stand for. By taking note of the littlest details and copying the functionality of the original, any Zenith El Primero Replica Watch will certainly stand in for its original luxury watch counterpart.

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