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Piaget is a company that started way back in 1874 which makes it one of the oldest Swiss luxury watches brands today. Georges Edouard Piaget is the person that built the company and he is known to be among the top watch designers in Switzerland to date. He was a man focused on making Swiss watches with style and quality.

Piaget watches were not designed to be mass produced given that everything is manually made. Piaget takes pride in selling luxury and limited edition watches which has the world asking for more and more. This is the allure that Piaget watches have.

Piaget Traditional & Piaget dancer Watches
Piaget watches doesn’t come cheap. With expert craftsmen giving great attention to precision, quality and exactitude of these watches, you have to be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for it. The watches are beautiful at first glance but if you take a magnifying glass and look at its details, there is a new world you’ll discover. The Piaget Traditional & Piaget dancer watches are two of the most popular models. The Piaget traditional has a purely silver studded dial which is just exquisite. The most famous color is the Traditional Rose Gold Case. This watch has red hour marks too. The Piaget dancer watch is a simpler but the diamonds show glamour. The 18k Gold Watch with diamonds is a popular choice. The Piaget Traditional & Piaget dancer watches are pricey but you can get them more than half the price if you look for replicas.

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Piaget Traditional and Piaget Dancer


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Why Buy Knockoff Piaget Traditional & Piaget dancer Watches?
Replica Piaget Traditional & Piaget dancer watches are indistinguishable with the real ones unless you take a magnifying glass and check each detail. While original Piaget costs thousands of dollars, replica Piaget watches are worth only a few hundred bucks. This is an affordable price for the quality you get with fake Piaget watches. The appearance is the same and your husband won’t even get mad at you for buying it.

Further, these watches are perfect accessories when attending formal events. If you are going to an important business dinner, the copy Piaget watch will be a good show without costing you a fortune. And if anyone attempts to steal it, you won’t be broken hearted at all. What you must know is that knockoff Piaget watches function the same too. It might lack some details like the original but still, it will be a fantastic watch to own and use.

Original Watches and Replica Copies: What Differs?

There’s a reason why original designer brand watches are priced expensively, it’s because the materials used are of higher quality. But, replicas do not fall behind much and there are just some disparities that can be observed. Nonetheless, these disparities are not too important unless you are very specific about your watches.

  1. Original watches make use of Swiss-crystal glass which is more damage-resistant.
  2. Waterproof quality of original watches is stronger.
  3. Replicas don’t use real gold, just gold-plated metal.

The disparities are very simple to remedy. Take good care of your replica Piaget watch and it will look as good as the original. Don’t let it get scratched or wear it when bathing or swimming. Polish it regularly so it will maintain its shine.

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