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Rolex is a Swiss manufacturer known for its high quality designer wristwatches. The company was officially founded and registered on November 15, 1915. The date of foundation is 10 years after Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis started to import Hermann Aegler’s Swiss movements to England to be placed in Dennison watchcases. For the past years, Rolex has designed and manufactured lots of wristwatch models including the Rolex Day-Date I and II.

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Swiss Made Rolex Day-Date Fake

Rolex Day-Date Fake Replicas

Why Rolex Watches
The Rolex watches are best known for being luxurious and have become a status symbol for the past decades. The style, quality and durability are definitely enough reasons for one to want to pay a lot for a small wristwatch. However, many people also prefer to buy knockoff Rolex Day-Date and other Rolex models.

The Day-Date II
The Rolex Day-Date II is one of the models that were launched by Rolex in the first decade of 21st century. It is pretty much like the first Day-Date, which is the very first Rolex wristwatch that displays the date and day. Additionally, the second Day-Date is a bit bigger than the first. This allows a much better view of the date. One will definitely not have a hard time looking for the date and the day. The day is displayed on top; arched from 11 to 1. The date, on the other hand, is displayed in place of 3. Expect not to see the number 12, three and the last one in 11 in a Rolex Day-Date. Another innovation in the second Day-Date is that the day can be displayed in various languages.
The Rolex Day-Date II is definitely a good choice for people who are looking for a stylish and luxurious wristwatch. While it is highly recommended that people buy the authentic watch, money constraints can get in the way. Fortunately, you can buy a replica and no one would know that you are wearing a replica Rolex. You just need to look for the best ones. For the past years, many manufacturers of fake Rolex wristwatches have proven that they can copy the original’s look precisely and deliver good quality at the same time.

Why Replica
The main advantage of buying replica Rolex Day-Date watches is that they are very much affordable. These replica watches would not even get near half the price of the original, most of the time. You will surely get to save a lot of money that you can spend either on another Rolex knockoff wristwatch or another item that you need. You will get to wear a wristwatch that has become a status symbol because only wealthy individuals get to wear authentic Rolex watches. Today, even average income earners can wear wristwatches that look exactly the same as the one that their boss wears. The best part is that many manufacturers of replica watches have already mastered the art of copying. Another good thing about buying replicas is that the improvement on the appearance of the copies has not caused the price to soar high.

Replica Watches

The company’s famous watches already have their replicas, with the most common lines to be counterfeited being Datejust, Air-King, Submariner, GMT Master/GMT II, Day-Date, Daytona Cosmograph, Sea-Dweller, Yacht-Master, and Oyster Perpetual. The lines of watches made by the company can also be classified into the Oyster with its case design, Cellini with its dressy design, and Tudor with its relatively lower prices. The company’s main lines are Jubilee, the President, and Oyster. You can also find these fake Rolex watch lines in the market today.

Replica Rolex Day-Date watches are sold all over the world, with most of them being manufactured in China and Taiwan. They are often sold from $50 to $1,500, if the replica Rolex watch is are made with solid gold. In Rome, Datejust replicas were only sold for 40 Euros. There is an estimated of more than 75% of Rolex watches released every year being Rolex knockoffs. You can even find high quality self-winding mechanical watches being counterfeited too. As the counterfeiters become even more skilled and creative in what they do, it gets even harder to identify which watch is genuine and which is fake.

Types of ROLEX Replicas
There are three types of copy Rolex watches that you can buy in the market. This provides you choices in the range of prices you can afford. Here are the three classifications of replica watches:

  • Crude copies. They use quartz movement and function quite well. However, their watch makers usually get the Rolex appearance right that you won’t see them as fakes unless you look closely. They are cheapest among the fake Rolex watches, with prices usually less than $50. Made in China and Asia.
  • Knockoff watches. They usually cost about $200 and use generic movements for the watch. They also generally appear as real Rolex watches. The good thing is that these can be bought online, but make sure that you will get the watch before you send your money to the dealer. Made in Japan. Movements.
  • Exact replicas. These are the highest priced fake Rolex watches. They can cost around $500 to $1000 watches, because manufacturers usually spend $300 in making these watches. They copy the movements of the top end watches and are designed with great attention to even the smallest details that are found in the genuine Rolex watches. Your fake Rolex Datejust would really look like the real one. These are usualy SWISS made with movement sourced from the same manufacturers as the originals.



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My daily rotation would not be complete without including Datejust 18k yellow gold plated watch that shines compared to polished stainless steel Datejust.
Others would choose the best Swiss made gold plated Day-Date or a copy with Swiss movement from ETA. Deciding between Daytona with black patent leather and a rose gold dial version knockoff can be hard, but my personal favorite must be the impressive Daytona black dial that comes with a Swiss mechanism.

Sales of Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard special edition often surpasses that of black Submariner with Swiss movement or Japanese Submariner. Rolex continues to promote the popular Yacht-Master II. To complete Your purchase I would suggest an original looking Rolex genuine leather watch case for your timepiece.

Daytona, Swiss Rolex Day Date diamonds and Deepsea Explorer with black dial is never goes out of style, as well as GMT Master II full PVD Pro-Hunter Edition and GMT Master 2 with Swiss mechanism. Lately do to promo in TIMES magazine Milgauss Pro-Hunter with tinted green sapphire black dial and Submariner Comex have made a comeback.